Working at Informed 

Informed is a family. Every day we have a catered lunch together. We wrap the week up and relax together with our Happy Hour. Our monthly cooking lesson is hosted by known chefs. We go camping, skiing, hiking and boating together. Our significant others and children join in the fun whenever they can. If you dream of working with a group of technologists in an environment where there are no politics, no hierarchy, Informed is your place. We work together to solve difficult business problems using technology, helping trillion-dollar industries become more efficient and effective in consumer satisfaction. Come join us.

Who We Are

We are digital transformers of tedious manual tasks, bringing robotics process automation to financial services. We are an experienced group of technologists and lending industry professionals with experience in consumer Internet, enterprise SaaS and consumer finance industries. We work side by side with our customers to ensure that we have full understanding of the business work processes we are automating

Why we’re passionate

Our passion comes from seeing our customers make important and profitable decisions in under a minute versus in hours or even days. Consumers no longer need to wait for to have access to the credit they have applied for. We help our customers reduce their losses by discovering fraudulent paystubs in real time. The result is happy consumers and happy banks.