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Our Mission

Every year, millions of consumers apply for mortgages, HELOCs, auto, student and personal loans. They apply to open bank accounts, to qualify for Federal Home Finance Agency and Housing and Development (HUD) assistance. Their applications and supporting documents are manually analyzed and income calculations are performed before the applications are fundedOur mission is to unlock the information trapped in these documents in real time and eliminate manual review of applications via AI and Machine Learning to enable Touchless Funding.

Who We Are

We are digital transformers of tedious manual tasks, bringing robotics process automation to financial services. We are an experienced group of technologists and lending industry professionals with experience in consumer Internet, enterprise SaaS and consumer finance industries. We work side by side with our customers to ensure that we have full understanding of the business work processes we are automating

Why we’re passionate

Our passion comes from seeing our customers make important and profitable decisions in under a minute versus in hours or even days. Consumers no longer need to wait for to have access to the credit they have applied for. We help our customers reduce their losses by discovering fraudulent paystubs in real time. The result is happy consumers and happy banks. 



Justin Wickett

Product executive with over a decade in consumer-facing Internet. Prior roles at Credit Karma – reinventing how consumers refinance and buy insurance, at Lyft – overseeing passenger growth and engagement initiatives and at Zynga Poker, as Director of Product overseeing revenues of $250M. Computer Scientist from Duke.

Magdalena Yesil

Founding board member and first investor of Salesforce. Serial entrepreneur with UUnet, CyberCash and MarketPay. Founder of Broadway Angels. Author of Power UP! How Smart Women Win in the New Economy and featured investor in Julian Guthrie’s book Alpha Girls.

Craig Ramsey

Long time enterprise software industry executive and company builder, with unparalleled success in building multi-billion dollar companies in succession. Cofounder of Veeva Systems and Vlocity, executive at Siebel and Oracle, board member at Salesforce and Guidewire.

Tim Russi

Financial services industry leader that led the transformation of GMAC into Ally Financial Auto. Served as president of Ally, a leading financial services business and earlier as president of Bank of AmericaAuto. Former American Financial Services Association (AFSA) board member.

Michael DeVito

Is the former Executive Vice President and Head of Home Lending for Wells Fargo.  DeVito led over 25,000 team members and was responsible for business strategy, loan origination, capital markets, loan servicing and risk functions.  He retired from the company in September of 2020.  DeVito has since served on numerous industry and non-profit boards.

Our Investors

Informed is proud that industry-leading investors believe in our mission.

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